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Why I’ve Decided to Go Vegetarian

There was a time not too long ago when swearing off meat put you in a very strange, die-hard, animal-praising class of people. In 1970, only 1% of Americans self-identified as vegetarians. Since awareness of the health and environmental issues surrounding modern meat production has increased though, the number of vegetarians has risen dramatically (somewhere […]

How Do You Gauge Your Happiness?

One of the funniest things I’ve noticed in our society is the disconnect between happiness and material wealth. The common myth states that by making more money, one can become happier. By making more money, one won’t worry about physical health. By making more money, one will be able to buy the things he wants. […]

America: The Country of Escape Artists

Communities across America are experiencing injustice and turmoil, and all we want to do is “get out” We have a serious problem here in America. We can’t face up to our own problems. While this statement could reflect our personal lives, political shortcomings, or any number of issues, today I’m referring to the loss of […]