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The Key to Networking: Keeping in Touch

I’m a huge fan of social media, and I don’t think there’s any secret about that. That said, social media isn’t the best way to keep up with everybody. I have dozens of contacts that I’ve met throughout my entrepreneurial career thus far, and making sure I keep up with the ones who really matter […]

What do #Hashtags Mean for Facebook?

Facebook finally unveiled the hashtag feature that they’ve been talking about for a few months now. As an avid Twitter and Google+ user, I’ve been comfortable with hashtags for a long time, but for many casual social media users, this will be the first time they are exposed to the search utility. For bloggers, marketers, […]

Social Media 101: Be Human

I’ve been active on social networks for almost my whole life. It’s weird to say that, because people just a few years older than myself couldn’t claim this about themselves. My generation is the first to grow up with it, and the first to form their thoughts about customers, sales, and marketing with social media […]

Customer Service: My Comcast Experience

Last week, I had to end service at my current address to prepare for my mobile journey across the country.  I called Comcast, and had a terrible experience.  Naturally, I complained about it on Facebook and Google+, to which many people expressed their agreement in my frustration. The story didn’t end there though.  One of […]

Facebook Easing Friction for Pages to Promote Posts

I hopped onto Facebook today to update it with one of the latest articles from Uloop and was greeted with a new feature. Would You Like to Promote This Post…for a Fee? So in this case, Facebook will let me pay $10 to ensure that this post reaches approximately 3,300 people.  Our page generally reaches […]

Is Facebook Really a $104 Billion Company?

This week, Facebook underwent its final valuation before their initial public offering of stock.  Facebook is making all sorts of history with its IPO, but the real question in my mind is “how the hell is Facebook worth $104 BILLION?” 2011 By the Numbers Revenue: $3.7 billion Profit: $1 billion Advertising Revenue: $3.1 billion What […]