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The Myth of the Hero

A lot of people assume that when you want great talent, you need a hero; someone who will rush in, destroy every barrier, and magically carry his team to victory. Unfortunately, heros like this are mostly mythical beings. Here’s why heros are an unrealistic myth I play for a couple casual beach volleyball teams here […]

Presentation: Intro to Object Oriented Code Design

On Friday, March 14th I’ll be giving this presentation to the developers-in-training at StartupInstitute here in Chicago. In this presentation I’ll be covering the basic terminology of object oriented programming, examples of how they work in Ruby, and a coding challenge. The presentation slides are available here: If you have any questions or you’d like […]

On Leaving Uloop for Packback Books

This month marked the end of my first startup experience and the beginning of my next one. I decided to leave Uloop after two years as their director of news, and take a position with Packback Books as their fourth full time team member and lead software engineer. Parting ways with my friends and colleagues […]

Database of Accredited Colleges in the United States

I spent way too much time yesterday looking for a list (or SQL file) of all the colleges in the US along with their addresses, cities, and states. I finally found this, which was okay, but it wasn’t formatted well enough for me to plop into a database, so I did a little Excel magic […]

My College Media Presentations: NOLA 2013

I was invited to speak at the College Media Association’s 2013 conference in New Orleans, so I wanted to publicly post my presentations for anyone who is interested. Feel free to let me know if you have questions, comments, feedback, or whatever. Sponsored Content in College Media Gamification of the College Newsroom

A Personal Update for Those Who are Interested

I’ve been in Chicago just over a year now, and it’s crazy to think about how much I’ve learned and lived since I moved up here after graduation. This is just a personal update on my past year, so if that doesn’t interest you, feel free to read something else. Go ahead, I won’t be […]

The Key to Networking: Keeping in Touch

I’m a huge fan of social media, and I don’t think there’s any secret about that. That said, social media isn’t the best way to keep up with everybody. I have dozens of contacts that I’ve met throughout my entrepreneurial career thus far, and making sure I keep up with the ones who really matter […]

Why I’ve Decided to Go Vegetarian

There was a time not too long ago when swearing off meat put you in a very strange, die-hard, animal-praising class of people. In 1970, only 1% of Americans self-identified as vegetarians. Since awareness of the health and environmental issues surrounding modern meat production has increased though, the number of vegetarians has risen dramatically (somewhere […]

What do #Hashtags Mean for Facebook?

Facebook finally unveiled the hashtag feature that they’ve been talking about for a few months now. As an avid Twitter and Google+ user, I’ve been comfortable with hashtags for a long time, but for many casual social media users, this will be the first time they are exposed to the search utility. For bloggers, marketers, […]

A Strong Team isn’t Afraid to Piss Each Other Off

Working in a small company can be quite taxing. We recently downsized to three full-time employees at Uloop, meaning that we all have more work and consequently more responsibilities and more stress. As you would expect, more stress also breeds higher tempers and shorter fuses – myself being no exception. If you’ve ever worked with […]