I started college at the University of Tennessee in 2006 to study Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. After two years working for some of the biggest engineering firms in the world, I caught the entrepreneurial itch and started up the first unofficial group blog at my school.  The experiment went surprisingly well, and I ended up recruiting and managing over 80 regular contributors to the site.

I immediately saw the potential of online news delivery, but wasn’t yet making a sustainable income, so I spent the next few months pitching my platform – MyUdaily – at conferences and competitions across the country.  I managed to place in a few competitions, but didn’t gain enough funding to pay the bills. I started freelancing as a web developer while I finished my degree, and continued to search for new opportunities to pursue online college news delivery.

Just a few weeks into freelancing I was approached by a startup based in Nashville called Uloop.  In early 2012 I joined Uloop’s team as the company’s Director of Student News where I recruit and manage college bloggers at dozens of colleges across the country.  I am also in charge of managing engagement through their Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.

Where is my journey going next?

The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that there are no right answers.  In 2012, my goal was eliminating my dependence on things.  I sold off all my possessions and moved around the United States, living out of my car all summer.  I learned that the best way to meet new people and understand communities is to get out there and experience them.

After my roaming summer, I moved to Uloop’s headquarters in Chicago, IL, and started up a new side project called JobBrander. What am I doing next? Who knows, let’s talk about it.

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